CDA Winner Awards 2022

Miss U Lampang Tea Set


Assistant Professor Srichana Jaroennet | Klinn Meechaikha | Theerawat Pojvibulsiri




Facebook: Chokdmeesook


The work is a new design of teapot products. As a souvenir of the 'Miss U Lampang' series due to the concept 'Thinking of Lampang' makes us choose representative products that evoke a nostalgic youthful past. And the teapot is one that reminds of the atmosphere of the past. It is also produced at a ceramic factory in Lampang Province. It reminds me of the factory under the glaze that produces the dragon pattern, so he wanted to design it to have a unique combination with Chinese style. Designed by choosing the original material that is ceramic. But switched to a technique on glaze instead of a technique under glaze For the clarity of the pattern

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