CDA Winner Awards 2022

Talking THOC


COTH studio (คอท สตูดิโอ)


Chiang Mai (เชียงใหม่)



Bamboo coiling (or spun bamboo) is often viewed as an underappreciated, low-cost, and rudimentary technique used to form the base of traditional Lanna lacquerware. However, Kawisara Anansaringkarn was drawn to collaborate with Ban Sri Pan Krua in bringing an artistic version and new functionality into this old technique due to the interesting history of spun bamboo as an environmentally friendly resource that has been used in many aspects of our social lives, as well as the beauty of its pure form. She experimented with naturally coloured and uneven bamboo stripes instead of a smooth thick coating to create a tactile pattern. As a consequence, the bamboo charm that had previously been hidden inside was unveiled and developed for everyday usage. This novel opportunity is then brought into the manufacturing process of this soon-to-be-extinct craft.

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